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Little Frankenstein

An experimental documentary about having a crush on your roommate... From the series "Embarrassment is the Key to Enlightenment."

4.5 min, 2002, DV-NTSC video

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A 34 min. dance-film shot & edited entirely in Super 8 film, retelling the Greek myth of Atalanta, the girl who can run as fast as the wind, in a contemporary San Francisco setting.

super 8 film projection with live orchestra and narration, 34 minutes, 1999

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Gum and Tea

A collaborative meditation on intimacy and US currency; EE Miller's stand-alone audio piece for radio, a fanciful proposition for the US President, is the inspiration for Topiary's animation.

5 minutes, 2005 , digital animation
audio by EE Miller • video by Samuael Topiary

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New Kicks

directed & edited - music video for Le Tigre's single "New Kicks" from their album 'This Island' on Universal

3.5 min, DV-NTSC, 2004

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THE SIRENS, chapter XII of “The Odyssey”

Ch 12 from the POCKET MYTHS compilation film project of THE ODYSSEY. A contemporary interpretation of the allure of the Sirens using Super 8 film scratching and digital animation set to a hauting song by The Darklings.

4 min, super 8 film & DV, 2006

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