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Ch. 18 for Valencia/The Movie(s)

"Ch. 18" of the ominibus feature film adaptation of Michelle Tea's memoir Valencia: The Movie/s is an experimental documentary, juxtaposing playful digital animation with archival footage from the 1995 SF Dyke March and other real-world events and people depicted in the book with contemporary interviews with the real-life Iris to tell the chapter’s story while simultaneously reflecting on the attitudes of the time.

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The Best Shitty Plan

An animated short about recycling based on the essay "Recycling As A Crisis of Meaning" by Max Liboiron, featuring found images from online searches for recycling and pollution. Original music by Laurie Spiegel and Kadet Kühne.

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Myth of Daedalus & Icarus

A video piece, playing in the entrance lobby of the theater to introduce the audience to the myth, before the performance of “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus.” 3 min, 2010  

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A visit from a Jewish-American videomaker to her close friend, a German dancer living on The Reeperbahn — the main drag of Hamburg’s “St. Pauli” red-light district: This experimental documentary raises questions about contemporary identity, control over representation and the weight of recent European history on young adults today. Shot and edited in a poetic, cinema verite style with digital video.

14 min, DV-NTSC, 2002

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An improvisational dance film shot in an abandoned lot in San Francisco on Super 8 film and Hi8 video.

4 min, shot on super 8 film and Hi8 video, DV-NTSC, 2000

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