Technopia, host of Shtudio Show


Technopia is a cultural theorist from the planet ZöLoft and an expert on the current state of  “post-contemporarism.”  From 2005-06, Technopia was the host of the infamous Shtudio Show at Chez Bushwick in Brooklyn, NY, where she conducted interviews with numerous cultural luminaries of the dance and performance world including Deborah Hay, Vallejo Gantner, Cathy Edwards, Gia Kourlas and Carla Peterson.

Critical praise for Technopia: “As she grills choreographers on coming projects, or dance producers about their agendas, she digs deep for answers that expose real issues in the dance world.” – Gia Kourlas, NY Times Arts Section

NY Times article about Chez Bushwick by Gia Kourlas, April 9 , 2006