Ch. 18 for Valencia/The Movie(s)


valencia_title_websizeValencia is the most masterful dyke-centric artsy-weirdo film I’ve ever seen.”—Autostraddle


A huge, multi-gendered interpretation of a dyke classic rendered through queer community collaboration, twenty different filmmakers combine forces to create Valencia: The Movie/s, an ambitious feature film/experiment from author Michelle Tea and producer Hilary Goldberg. Adapted from Michelle Tea’s classic fiction-memoire Valencia (1999) as their muse, filmmakers worked separately on their own given chapter. The resulting short films were then pulled together to form an epic omnibus feature-length adaptation of the novel. As much as it is specifically about 1990’s San Francisco sex radical dyke culture, Valencia: The Movie/s also speaks about love, queer politics, and alienation.

Ch. 18 by Samuael Topiary, is an experimental documentary, juxtaposing playful digital animation with archival footage from the 1995 SF Dyke March and other real-world events and people depicted in the book with contemporary interviews with the real-life Iris to tell the chapter’s story while simultaneously reflecting on the attitudes of the time.

Chapter directors: Aubree Bernier-Clarke, Lares Feliciano, Hilary Goldberg, Sara St. Martin & Michelle Lawler, Dia Felix, Silas Howard, Alexa Inkeles, Jerry Lee, Peter Anthony, Sharon Barnes, Cary Cronenwett, Courtney Trouble, Cheryl Dunye, Bug Davidson, Samuael Topiary, Olivia Parriott, Chris Vargas & Greg Youmans, and Jill Soloway.  Contrasts and variations in artistic choices from chapter to chapter highlight differences in casting and production styles and is accompanied by a soundtrack of vintage queercore and alt-rock tracks by bands like Team Dresch, Bratmobile, Tribe 8, Bikini Kill and Pansy Division.

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Screenings & Awards:

• Jury Award, Best Narrative Feature, REELING: Chicago In’tl LGBT Film Festival, Chicago, IL
Best Experimental Feature, POLARI26, Austin, TX
• Cleveland International Film Festival, Cleveland, OH
• Olympia Film Society, Olympia, WA
• Seattle Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Seattle, WA
• Tampa Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Tampa, FL
• Milwaukee LGBT Film Festival, Milwaukee, WI
• Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Vancouver, BC, Canada
• OUTFEST, Los Angeles, CA
• MIX/NY, New York, NY
World Premiere, Frameline’s SF Int’l LGBT Film Festival, SF and Oakland, CA.

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