Amelia Earhart: Electra

Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart

Hello, America! 

It’s me, Amelia, your princess of the skies,

Coming all the way to this glittering emerald city…

Electra loop from Samuael Topiary on Vimeo.

I have always been drawn to the liquid…

Maybe it was growing up in Kansas,

where everything was so dull and dry. 

All that dusty wind whipping it’s cloak of

frontier depression around our shoulders.

It made us restless, my father and I,

So, yes, of course, we drank…

Tall glasses of anywhere but here… neat, no rocks.

I’ve always gotten my wings from men like my father,

vicarious men, producers, financiers,

men who like to look up at me from the safety of the ground.

And, I’ve always loved a man I could leave in the dust….

You know, I never intended to get married. 

But, GP Putnam, my husband, the great spin master of Madison Avenue…
He was such brilliant architect of desire.

And GP needed me  because he knew that a woman who could fly a plane

was a woman who could sell anything: